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Offset Tweetmaze

6th January 2020

Here's a new type of Tweetmaze challenge I recently introduced in my annual set of Lisp-based puzzles on the uLisp forum.


In this Offset Tweetmaze you start from the ‘+3’ on the left, and the aim is to find a route to the ‘0’ on the right in the smallest number of left or right jumps. You start with a jump of length 3, and the number on each subsequent square tells you how the size of your jump changes. Negative jumps aren't allowed.

The shortest solution consists of 15 jumps; well done if you manage to solve it by hand!

You can modify the original Tweetmaze program to solve this type of maze; see Tweetmaze solution. I'll give the modified program together with a second maze in a few days' time.

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